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"Community Happens"

As I've said before, I really enjoy being a part of a larger community of .NET enthusiasts.  Here's the deal.  The community spoke loudly... The community leaders listened and agreed; thus spoke loudly... and the leaders at Microsoft listened.  What was the issue?  Expression Web and MSDN Subscriptions.

Well, it has now been made public that Expression Web *WILL* be made part of MSDN Premium.  Expression Blend (the one I was most concerned about) will also be made available as part of your MSDN Premium subscription.  So I can stop being peeved at the MSDN updates I get notifying me regarding training on Expression products and them not making the product available to their target customer. ;-)

My gut also tells me that the MVP Summit and the discussions surrounding what will be and will not be part of Visual Studio .NEXT regarding WPF might have had some infuence on this decision (at least for the WPF/Blend side of things).

Let's all give a round of applause to Somasegar and all others whom have made it possible to reverse the decision.  Without community and an awesome division head at Microsoft; such things would have gone unnoticed and unchanged.

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