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Resume - Cory Smith


Cory Smith

Professional Experience and XboxFriends for the Desktop (2004-Present)


Created an Windows Forms application that allows the monitoring of Xbox Live friends list and their current presence information.  Tracks when, what and how long a friend has been playing various games.  Currently, screen scrapes the information from and utilizes a web service located on to collect this information.  Also allows the sharing of optional information between different friends also running XboxFriends for the Desktop.  Directly integrates Windows / MSN Messenger features within the context of a friends list.

Fort Worth .NET Users Group (2003-Present)

Vice President - Fort Worth .NET Users Group

Share the responsibility for scheduling speakers, working with sponsors and act as a backup speaker for cancellations.

Scott Studios, LLC / dMarc Broadcasting - Dallas, TX (2001-Present)

Lead Software Engineer

Inherited several existing desktop applications written in VB6 that were in need of rescuing.  Re-wrote critical portions of the applications to improve stability and usability.

Lead developer for Trim, Label & Convert.  Application acts as a centralized management for all digital content used in a radio station.  Converts audio between several standard and proprietary audio file formats and audio compression.  Includes CD ripping functionality.

Lead developer for Remote Recording Router.  Application responsible for transfering large audio files from one central location to an unlimited number of remote locations.  Also used to chop and ultra-compress audio files for use by remote employees to outsource voice talent.  This requires two way transfering of the files.  Migrated this applicatoin from VB6 to VB.NET.

Lead developer for TimeShifter, an application that can be best described as an industrial TiVo... capturing 4 simultaneous streams (audio or video) from satellite sources for playback at a later time.  Written as a Windows Service utilizing .NET Remoting between the service and a desktop application allowing remote administration (similar to Microsoft SQL Server's Enterprise Manager).  Written in VB.NET.

Lead developer for Asset Trim & Manage. Similar in functionality as Trim, Label & Convert except targetting the video and television market.  Mainly written in VB.NET with Managed / Unmanaged C++ wrappers around SDK's provided by several different hardware manufactures for the proprietary encoders/decoders being utilized.  Uses several GDI+ methods to draw the custom user interface.

Lead software architect on ScotTVideo television automation product.  A redevelopment of the existing video automation product written in VB6 that desperately needed a rewrite.  The new application being developed from the ground up using VB.NET (with additional components written in Managed C++ / Unmanaged C++).  Mentoring a team of 4 developers (moving from VB6).

Developed an in-house software issue tracking system.  Originally written in ASP, however, portions have been replaced with ASP.NET.

Developed an in-house software download system; limiting what software installs/updates the customers have access to based on their support agreement.

Rare Medium, Inc. - Dallas, TX (1999-2001)

Technical Lead

Utilized Microsoft Commerce Server 3.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to deliver an eCommerce site for Interstate Batteries.  Developed originally scoped as a rapid deployment project, but transitioned into an extremely customized solution.  Handles mutliple languages (English, Spanish and French), detailed search functionality, mutliple types of customers, four-tier pricing structure and user personalization.

Responsible for the design/configuration/management of the development environment for use as the Global Production Node for Rare Medium, Inc.

Developed a replacement/enhancement to the existing Duncanville ISD PACE school scheduler software.  Existing was Mac-based and single user.  The needs of the client required a system that would allow for multiple users to both access and maintain the schedules for each student.  Also added the ability to track grades, absenteeism, TAAS scores, and final transcripts.  Developed using Microsoft IIS and ASP.

Brought in on trailing end of to assist in the completion of the project.  Designed and developed the personal training lesson plans.  The content is entered though a web-based management tool, implemented using ASP.

Brought in to troubleshoot major performance issues causing database timeouts for the Sylvan project.  Optimized database access and implemented error trapping/recovery.  Reduced data access times from 500+ sec. down to an acceptable 3-10 seconds.

Tandy Information Services - Fort Worth, TX (1997-99)

Senior Programmer / Analyst

Solely responsible for the installation, configuration, optimization, implementation and training for Microsoft Internet Information Server (WWW and FTP), Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft SMTP Server, Microsoft SiteServer, Microsoft Content Replication Services, and WebTrends Enterprise Edition.  Responsible for troubleshooting internet/intranet software and infrastructure.  Use Mercury's LoadRunner to load test applications being deployed.

Played a major supportive role as a technical resource for the redesign.  Development done using Vignette StoryServer and TCL. Served as Technical Lead for's E-Commerce initiative.  Development done using ASP, VB6, Encrypt It, MTS under IIS.

Responsible for the installation and configuration of Vignette StoryServer.   Responsible for the testing and integration with current infrastructure, which, at the time, was un-supported by Vignette.  Worked with Vignette to resolve issues successfully.

Played a major supportive role as a technical resource for the development of RadioShack's RadioShack Online initiative in both network/hardware/software infrastructure and application development.  Total of 17 applications deployed over a private WAN/LAN intranet currently being rolled out to 5000+ stores and 200 administrative sites.

Responsible for the infrastructure design and implementation of a clustered web environment for RadioShack Online (intranet) and all Internet sites.  After researching and testing several options, including RRDNS and Cisco's LocalDirector, we implemented HolonTech's Hyperflow for speed and redundancy.  Provided training to the Windows NT / Systems Team on the Hyperflow.

Project lead responsible for the design and implementation of The Sprint Store at RadioShack's online catalog.  Development was done using OpenMarket's LiveCommerce.

Project lead responsible for the design, development and implementation of TechAmerica's (Division of Tandy Corp) E-Commerce.  Development was done using Active Server Pages.  Developed a COM object to implement the need of securing the data entered by the customer using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and Encrypt It to implement DES encryption and convert the data so that it would be SQL friendly.  The encrypted data is stored on the external web-server and pulled every two hours through the firewall for processing by current infrastructure.

Project lead responsible for migrating Internet and Intranet web sites from an SGI Unix-based platform to Microsoft Windows NT.  Tasks included moving HTML files to NT and porting existing CGI application from a C/mSQL implementation to Active Server Page/VBScript/Microsoft SQL Server.

Project lead responsible for developing a web-based NT password change interface.  Development utilized Microsoft C++ to develop a Microsoft Internet Information Server ISAPI filter and Active Server Pages for UI.

Served as beta tester for Microsoft IIS versions 3 and 4, Microsoft Active Server Pages versions 1 and 2, Microsoft Windows NT5/Windows 2000, Microsoft Office 2000 and OpenMarket's LiveCommerce.

Electric Works Corp. - Fort Worth, TX (1990-97)

Programmer Lead / Research Lead

Project lead responsible for the overall UI design, technical architecture, development, testing and implementation for the AXS ProCart System, a next generation product based on the success of the AXS System.  Development utilized Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, Visual C++ 4.1, Borland Delphi, Crescent QuickPak Professional, Desaware SpyWorks Professional, Sheridan WinAPI Oblets, Sheridan Designer Widgets and extensive use of the Win32 API on the Windows 95 platform.  Extensive discussions took place with current customers of the AXS System and Electric Works sales teams to gather specifications.  This product was un-finished, approx 80% completion and in beta deployment at 5 radio stations, at the time of Electric Works being sold.

Project lead providing full life cycle development of the AXS System.  This system automates most tasks typically performed by radio personnel to completely automate a radio station's on-air programming.  This system required interfacing with several external devices, such as, consumer and professional multi-disc changers, proprietary audio switching devices, and assorting time-sync devices.  AXS development proved to be an exercise in pushing the envelope of both DOS and Basic.  The system included CD music, hard disk audio, and satellite automated playback.  AXS accomplished the needed the ability to completely automate on-air programming, as well as, allowing radio personnel to take complete control.  To accomplish this, AXS used a co-operative multi-tasking kernel, where extensions could be implemented to allow the system to be easily extended.    The user interface was designed to allow for easy migration from old radio hardware systems to a more streamlined computer system.  This interface took the 1994 National Association of Broadcasters convention by surprise and set a new standard of excellence for radio automation products.  AXS was the first product of it's design and level of intuitiveness; to this day, AXS is one of the highest selling products for Scott Studio's (Dallas, purchased product line from Electric Works), while maintaining a technical lead for available features. Development utilized Microsoft Professional Development System Basic, Microsoft C++, Microsoft Macro Assembler, TGS Fastgraph, Crescent QuickPak, Crescent PDQComm and Blink Inc Blinker.  Product distributed using InstallShield for installation and RTPatch for upgrades.

Provided support for all phases of development on the Digital DJ/2 System.  The Digital DJ/2 System was an upgrade to Digital DJ, which added such features as CD control, overlapping audio playback, enhanced graphical UI, and streamlined satellite control.  Development utilized Microsoft Professional Development System Basic, Crescent PDQ, Crescent QuickPak, and Microsoft Macro Assembler.

Served as beta tester for Microsoft Visual Basic versions 1 through 5, Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS, Microsoft PDS Basic, Lantastic versions 1 through 4, Lantastic for Windows 95, Fastgraph DOS and Win32, Windows 95, Windows NT4, and Microsoft Mouse versions 5 through 10.

Radio Shack Computer Center - Fort Worth, TX (1989-90)

Assistant Systems Engineer

Assisted in the installation of Novell 3.x for the City of Fort Worth.

Responsible for integrating, testing, servicing, repairing and upgrading desktop and server hardware and software.

Certifications, Training and Special Recognition

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - Visual Developer Visual Basic

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Exam 70-100:  Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures

Exam 70-175:  Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Exam 70-176:  Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Exam 70-152:  Designing and Implementing Web Solutions with Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 

Microsoft Official Curriculum (Partner Training)

Course 1517AC:  Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF): Principles of Infrastructure Deployment

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