Posts Semper Fidelis or "SEMPER FI!"

Semper Fidelis or "SEMPER FI!"

<P>“Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have made a difference in the world.  Marines don’t have that problem“ – Ronald Reagan</P> <P>Many people that know me think that I’m anti-establishment and against “the man” by the way that I speak regarding various topics.  Some would even argue that I might be anti-patriotic.  Well these people would be sadly mistaken.  Although I don’t go around jumping up and down screaming from the roof tops how I’m this or that, deep within my soul I am 100% proud to be an American (more accurately, a United States citizen) with all rights that The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights provides to me.  These two documents are, to me, the most important pieces of writing in the entire history of man-kind; yes even more important than that stack of documents most “other“ people would find more important.  (Jason, I know that you have an idea what I’m referring to…)  And although I haven’t served in the military, I strongly support everyone that has ever served or is currently serving in any of the armed forces.  Without these people the rights that we have available to us would be non-existant… and, to me, there is no finer group of servicemen than the United States Marine Corp.  Yesterday (yeah, I should have posted this yesterday…), the Marines turned 230 years old.  Thanks to Bob Parsons, President and Founder of for reminding me.  (I knew there was a reason why I liked these guys…)</P> <P>What does any of this have to do with .NET?  Well, nothing directly… but without guys like this many of us (OK, most of us) would be living much different lives and those of us that were lucky enough to be “chosen” to work as software developers would all be writing in the “same” language and platform as dictated by whatever establishment existed.  So I have to send out my thanks, my congratulations for 230 years and a heart felt “Ooh-Rah!“</P>

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