Posts Star Wars: Battlefront - I have mine, you got yours?

Star Wars: Battlefront - I have mine, you got yours?

I picked up a copy of the game during lunch today :-D, but am unable to play until later tonight since the Fort Worth .NET Users Group meeting is tonight.  It's a subject that I definitely want to pick the speakers brain about... Test Driven Development.  Besides, it wouldn't look very good for one of the officers of the group to miss the meeting just to play a game <grin>.

The game play footage and pictures for the game look impressive.  There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding it with a co-launch with the release of the “original” Star Wars trilogy so I'm really hoping the game lives up to it.  Besides, how can a game go wrong when you can shoot at Ewoks and Gungans?  If you have gotten your hands on a copy, be sure to look me up online sometime after 9pm central.

Also, I came across this very informative piece of information.  Apparently the game defaults to only allowing 4 players per game on Xbox Live... What?!?!?! That can't be right... it's a Battlefield game?  Oh, apparently, it can support up to 24 players but you need to configure the upstream bandwidth setting according to your configuration.  For a 384 upstream connection, that's 8 players :-D  Hopefully some very nice individuals our there with T1 lines will have some games being hosted as well... 12 people per side sounds like a lot of fun.  For full instructions on how to set the proper configuration, be sure to check this out.

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