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Star Wars Episode III

What’s better than going to see Star Wars Episode III on the opening night?  How about seeing it with about 300 .NET hungry individuals!?!?  But wait, there’s more!  How about in addition to 300 .NET hungry individuals, it’s completely FREE!  In addition to the movie, a popcorn and drinks were included!  Special thanks to Brian Moore and Microsoft for making this happen.

And just think, some people were concerned we couldn’t fill up a theater simply because it was in Fort Worth (meaning not Dallas). ;-)  It’s Star Wars for crying out loud!  Even if it were to suck… it’s Star Wars.

In all seriousness, we had about half of those attending from Fort Worth and the other from Dallas.  It was a great turnout and I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed it.  So, for those of you not part of a users group... just look at the type of things your missing!  Go sign up now... and, more importantly, start attending!

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