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Twin Cities Code Camp

The Twin Cities Code Camp (Minneapolis, MN) is just around the corner (November 11, 2006).  Jason Bock has done a great job organizing this thing the sessions look great!  I suspect that it will go off without any hitches; and no, I'm not just saying that he asked me to fly up there to present. ;-)

I'll be discussing two topics (taken from the sessions list):

XboxFriends... Under The Covers

What do you get when you mix Windows Forms, Web Services, ASP.NET, SQL, XML, Email, Blogging, a Nabaztag and an Xbox Live account together?  Let's have a candid discussion regarding these technologies, how they fit together, the frustrations encountered and the solutions discovered while developing XboxFriends.

Creating High Performance/High Impact Windows Forms Using Custom Controls in .NET 2.0

Learn how to develop feature rich and visually stunning custom user controls that can really make your Windows Forms applications shine.  Utilize System.Draw, new features with Windows Forms in .NET 2.0 and Generics to create these controls.

The plan for the under the covers is to make the session pretty entertaining and hopefully a lot of active conversation will take place.  The other session will move pretty quickly and if you have been afraid to delve too deep into creating custom controls (or you have and would like to learn more), this will be your chance. 

If your going to be in the area be sure to try to attend and show your support for the great .NET developer community!

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