Posts VB.NET - C# - VS.NET tutorials and walkthroughs.

VB.NET - C# - VS.NET tutorials and walkthroughs.

Here are a couple of links to help people get started using VS.NET and VB.NET/C#.  Several people on the GDN messageboards have expressed that they are having a hard time finding resources to learn from without having to purchase a book.  Microsoft provides the following excellent resources for getting up to speed.

The Guided Tour is broken into 10 sections including Web applications, Web Services, Windows Forms, distributed application monitoring, Mobile Web applications, Smart Devices, and Enterprise Templates.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Guided Tour and Evaluation Guide

The walkthroughs include distributed applications, Data & XML, Web Services, Windows Forms, Web Forms, VB.NET language features, deployment, component and control authoring, dynamic properties, internationalization, accessibility, Framework Services, upgrading VB6->VB.NET, and Office development.

Walkthroughs in Visual Basic and Visual C#

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