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Visual Studio 2005 Dev Con

If your in the following areas (or can be in those areas), be sure to try to attend the Visual Studio 2005 Dev Con event...

St. Louis, MO (5/26), Chicago, IL (6/1), Minneapolis, MN (6/1), Kansas City, KS (6/2), Omaha, NE (6/14), Detroit, MI (6/14) and Dallas, TX (6/16)

The event costs $99 to attend and you'll receive three books for attending ($90 value).  For more information, visit the official announcement.

[update] I guess I could add that you'll get some great training in addition to the books (I figured that was a given) and, hey, I'll be at the Dallas event... so if you attend that one, be sure to stop by and say “hey, you said to say hey” at the users group table.

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