Posts What's next? All restaurants will be Taco Bell!

What's next? All restaurants will be Taco Bell!

Do anyone remember Demolition Man

I'll assume you do.  So during one scene, John Spartan goes to visit Dr. Cocteau at his house.  Just prior to his visit, the scene opens with Dr. Cocteau in his conference room sitting at a table surrounded by several others whom are virtually in attendance.  They are joining in on the converence remotely and are there physically through means of a remotely controlled audio/video device.  They can move their "faces" in any direction to look at anyone else. 

Why do I bring this up?  Well I just noticed over on Chris Sells blog this little item.

It's pretty interesting how similar this product is to what was portrayed in Demolition Man.  So I have to ask what else may this 6 out of 10 star (21,810 votes) movie may contain regarding our future. ;-)

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