Posts Working on a ton of things...

Working on a ton of things...

There's a ton of things going on right now, so everyone please be a little patient on new things coming.  Here's a rough list of some of the things that I'm working on:

  • Migrate to a dedicated server.
  • Redesign the database for Xbox Friends Thing to improve scalablility and add new features.
  • Progress being made on Visual Favorites... many article ideas forming out of the work going into this.
  • Preparation begins for a newsgroup presentation on WinForms development.
  • Making changes to DBComm with a few improvements and release the source via
  • New version of the Color Your Console sample.

There's a few other major things going on right now that I can't really divulge just yet, but I can say they are huge and are going to be causing me a many sleepless night over the next couple of weeks ;-) 

Also, bear in mind that I still have to work full time coding television and radio software, spend time with the wife and fit in some much needed time for a few movies and Xbox Live gaming. ;-)  Oh yeah... and blog more. :-D

Busy, busy, busy...

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