Posts Working with .TEXT (Part 4)

Working with .TEXT (Part 4)

I finally got around to updating the overall look of the site to get it to look somewhat similar to when I was using BlogX.  A couple of things to note:

  • It would be nice to be able to specify some sort of image when adding a link to Links.  Right now I have to use the News area, which is also limited to one section; so I'm unable to categorize these graphical links.  For now, I'm using the graphical links within the News area (which I renamed by editing an .aspx within the Skins directory).
  • In the administration tool, Stories are called Articles... however, to the visitors, what I call Articles is referred to as Stories.  I don't see any way (other than going to the source level) to fix this issue.  I think that it's appropriate to make changes at that Skins level, but not to the source level.  If anything, I think you should rename this to Article Categories instead of Story Categories... which sounds kind of funny.  To me, story / stories sounds like a category ;-)
  • Would be nice to be able to specify an Image for the top row area... as it is right now, have to edit the header.aspx (not a big deal)... but it's kind of a hack.  You have to remark out the textual representation (don't delete it or an error will occur) and then place in the image of your choosing.  This one's relatively low on the list, but I do see it as something that probably should be added.
  • Moving from BlogX (or for that matter, most other blog engines), I kind of miss the calendar component.  It'd be nice to have something like that back (even as an option).  I do like the monthly archive view... I think it makes much more sense; however, it is kind of nice to see the calendar and know the overall activity by the days.
  • The whole trackback / referrals is throwing me a bit.  Looking in the database at the blog_URLs table, I see a ton of entries.  However, in the admin tool, it seems a bit flat.  Also, I obviously received some incoming traffic to a specific blog entry, but nothing is showing in the referrals for that entry... see my confusion?
  • Has anyone gotten w.blogger working with a .TEXT installation other than those hosted at  I attempted to get it up and running; however, I'm getting a username invalid response from the server... At first, I had a space in my username... removed it... still no luck :-(

Don't take these as critical issues.  .TEXT is working out very well.  Overall, I'm very impressed at that current state and look forward to improvements over the course of time.

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