Posts XBOX Friends Thing - 100 in one month and growing!

XBOX Friends Thing - 100 in one month and growing!

It's been about 30 days since this project was born and there's a few gamers already running this thing.  The growth pattern has been pretty impressive to watch... first 20 days, about 22 people.  Next 5 days... about 50 people... Following 5 days... entering the triple digit realm, 100 people!  What will it be in 5 more days?

In honor of the 30 day anniversary and 100 users, I'm announcing a brand new URL for XBOX Friends Thing... wait for it....

Wait, before you get too excited, it's just a redirect to the existing download page at the present time.  If anyone is interested in submitting some design ideas for, please contact me via the contact link to your left of this screen.

For those running the XBOX Friends Thing, be sure to keep the suggestions coming my way ;-)

(Interesting note... XBOXFriends using the idSpellCheck control has a suggested change to Subservients.... wierd ;-) )

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