Posts Xbox Friends Thing - Displaying gameplay usage statistics...

Xbox Friends Thing - Displaying gameplay usage statistics...

I'm experimenting with a handfull of ways of displaying the statistics that are being captured via Xbox Friends Thing as it sees your friends online and playing each game.  I'm limiting it to the last 30 days for and have broken it down into 15 minute chunks.  The main goal of this display is to be able to answer two questions:

How much time has your friend played said game?

What time does your friend usually play on Xbox Live?

Currently, Xbox Friends Thing uses a standard bar graph... which based on feedback is just downright confusing (especially since the ComponentOne chart wants to insert extra data for whatever reason).  I've written a new parsing engine that balances the capturing of the information, keeps data size to a minimum and answers the above two questions.

Once you have the answers to these questions, it's easier to coordinate games with your friends... at least that is the theory I'm working toward. ;-)

Here is a first draft concept of what I've come up with.  I will obviously be adding some sort of labels... but without the labels, can you guess what is being displayed?

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