Posts Xbox Friends Thing v1.0.6.0 Released

Xbox Friends Thing v1.0.6.0 Released

Xbox Friends Thing v1.0.6.0 has been running reliably on everyones machine that have been beta testing; so it's time to release it upon the masses.  After marking it as a live version, 10 people downloaded it immediately, so it looks like the update notification feature is working as well. ;-)

I'm already hard at work on the next release and there are some huge additions coming...

One of the additions I'm considering is the ability to allow others to extend Xbox Friends Thing using plugins.  If you're interested in possibly extending Xbox Friends Thing, please contact me directly to sign up as a beta plugin author.  At this point, I have not decided 100% how I'm going to allow extending Xbox Friends Thing.  I may make it more of a 'partner' program... or open it up to everyone.  My concern is that I'd like to make sure there's a certain quality level with anything integrating within Xbox Friends Thing; so I might just come up with some sort of program that plugin developers can join and offer an official plugin download area on  Again, all of this is subject to change... so if you have an opinion, contact me ;-)

For those gamers who would like to change the way Xbox Friends Thing looks, I'm looking into this as well.  I'm probably going to allow the ability to have full control over the color scheme, fonts and possibly allow the ability to replace some of the images that are used.

There are some other features that I'm just dieing to let everyone know about, but at this point it's a little to early to say exactly what those will be ;-)  So stay tuned...

You can download the latest version by visiting

[update] Added link to where to download the latest version.

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