Posts XBOX Friends v0.0.0.9 and XBOX Live 3.0 MSN Alerts and Messenger Integration

XBOX Friends v0.0.0.9 and XBOX Live 3.0 MSN Alerts and Messenger Integration

New version of my XBOX Friends has been posted.

If you were having problems getting this to run on your machine in the past, please refer to the installation notes on the download page for further instructions.

I've also started a changed log on the download page as well, so you can read what's changing between the versions.

I received a mailing in today about some of the upcoming features of XBOX Live 3.0.  There's a section in there that is definately nearest and dearest to my heart (quoted):



What Is It: Invitation and Presence-based alerts and a new Xbox/MSN Messenger tab with user contextual information.

What It Means to You: Allows existing Xbox Live users to engage more with their Xbox Live community by extending the Xbox Live messaging and presence systems beyond the console.

Just Imagine: You're at work when you get an alert that one of your buddies has just logged onto Xbox Live and has sent an invite to your PC to take him on in a game.  Talk about inspiration for getting home early!


What does this mean for my little pet project?  Well, hopefully, Microsoft will be willing to allow me access to the same services they are using (if not, I'll continue using the website as I am today).  In any case, what they are doing is definately what I was thinking of in the beginning and will be totally cool in it's own right.  However, I can see additions to extending the XBOX presence information to the PC experience that goes well beyond just online/offline presence information and friend invites.  Knowing when and what a person is playing is only part of the solution, stay tuned to what I plan on adding for the rest of the solution ;-)

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