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  • Touring through Northwest Arkansas

    I'll be leaving either tonight or tomorrow morning (really early) to start heading to Fort Smith, AR. Tuesday evening will be in Springdale, AR and finishing up Thursday evening in Harrison, AR. If you are in the area of *all* three user group, consider attending all three since each group will host a different topic. LINQ - An Average ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on September 13, 2009
  • Open Letter to the ClickOnce team.

    I really like using ClickOnce; however, there are a couple of annoyances that I'd wish would get resolved. 1. Can we please get a "sync versions" checkbox somewhere?  Meaning, why do I have to change my version number in three different places?  I'm sure there are cases where this is desirable; however, ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on April 17, 2009
  • Expired ClickOnce Certificate

    January 7th, 2007 - Got bit by the expired temporary certificate issue when trying to deploy a ClickOnce application.  Never got a "real" certificate since it wasn't necessary for the needs of this particular application.  You can't just replace the certificate because that would require that every basically uninstall ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on January 13, 2009
  • ClickOnce Tip of the Day

    There are a couple of options available for signing your ClickOnce application: When the signing options screen appears (which it does whenever you save a manifest file using MageUI.exe), you'll probably be tempted to use one of the “stored certificates”.  This is probably OK if you never plan on switching machines or changing ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on June 14, 2006