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  • PropertyGrid DefaultValue for non-Const values?

    In the PropertyGrid, you can specify in the target Control (or Class) an attribute that represents what the default value of the property should be.  This doesn't actually set the value, it is there for "informational" purposes.  The PropertyGrid, however, uses this information and displays values as "regular" ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on January 31, 2019
  • Project “Thalia” (Update 1)

    It's been a couple of months since the last update, so here goes... Currently has support for:  * Both DVD's ripped as either "folder based" and .ISO images. * Locally caching of thumbnails to improve "Exists()" across a network share. * Full keyboard navigation. * Full MCE remote control support.  * Play, ...
    Posted to AddressOf.com (Weblog) by CorySmith on December 28, 2017